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Joe Borthwick

Having spent many years as a sideman on drums and guitar, Joe Borthwick picked up an upright bass on a whim which quickly led to festival and club gigs with the likes of John Sonntag, Fellaheen, Bovine Social Club and The Fermenters. He stepped forward on his debut solo album, Amalgam, which is a nod to the musicians with whom he’s had the fortune of sharing the stage as it is a retrospective collection of his tunes. He continues to perform intermittently with a rotating cast of musicians under the moniker Amalgam.

He spent  2017 through 2020 playing in Europe with the Belgian band Rake’s Progress as well as several small jazz ensembles. As of 2021 he is back in the US playing a in several ensembles ranging from small jazz trios to larger rock and roots bands. He is currently working with Frank Basile in the duo Old Refuge, in the trio Slow Noche as well as in the Latin ensemble DeLaVida



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